The danger of online casino bonus

The danger of online casino bonus

Online casino sign up bonus can be divided into 2 main categories.

  1. Free spins
  2. Bonus received as Money to be wagered during the play

As we see further on, things are not as simple as they used to be as casinos are trying the best to make players stay for as long as possible. The age and identity verification is a pain in the ass and bothers both sides. Players get checked through personal stuff - sometimes including the bank account movements, and casinos spend time and resources checking it. With this I am not trying to say it is unnecessary.

Many years ago the process was simple. You register, you play and if you win then they are going to check you. If you were underage or anything was wrong with you, you were getting nothing. But if you lost, they did not care. What a business... Anyways, those days are gone and now things are more complicated.

Free spins

No deposit free spins

Getting free spins just for registration was often used by new online casinos to attract players. To convince an existing player back then to move next door was quite easy. No ID check torture made it possible to buy free spins from the game provider. The regular costs were £2 per customer and was kind of a cheap promotion.

With the ID verification process, the costs per customer are far higher now and no deposit free spins are recently rare. Besides that, the limits on stake and win are not making it too attractive. This means that those who win, usually win a few pounds.

Free spins as a part of a bonus

In this case you have to make a deposit to get the "Free spins". If you have a feeling there is something weird  with the combination of words "pay to get free", you are right. There is a lot of discussion about it and lately you can not call them free spins but rather bonus spins (at least in the UK).

Compared to "no deposit free spins", the bonus spins give you a chance to win higher amounts. How high? I can not confirm this since no casino replied to our request.

Bonus received as Money to be wagered during the play

Things with the money bonus are more straightforward, but get more complicated as we look at the math. From the mathematical point of view there is one feature you have to be really careful about and that is wagering. It is not so important to compare if bonus is 100% up to 100 or 50% up to 200, but how many times you have to wager the bonus. The golden rule says:

The higher the wagering, the worse is the bonus

  • If you see wagering up till 30, consider it a great bonus.
  • If you see wagering between 30 and 50, consider it a decent bonus
  • Wagering more than 50 is crap

Money bonus and free spins combined and released in few deposits

Casinos want you to play for as long as possible. That is why they release the bonus within 3 - 5 deposits and each deposit might have different conditions. The later deposit the better condition is quite common. Every time you accept this kind of deposit check the conditions in each step. Check the wagering, check expiration and whatfrom the list of casino games are excluded.

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