Top five addictive activities ever

Top five addictive activities ever

This world is full of fans and fanatics, robbers, drinkers, smokers and lastly addicts. Over-indulgence into any activity or a habit your perform leads to a serious addiction of the same. These activities are repeated obsessively by you and there comes an urge to keep doing them and to never stop. If this situation is ever experienced by you where you are wanting to stop doing any activity or stop performing any habit that you have been performing for long, congratulations friend, tag yourself as an addict. You need to stop over that particular activity at the earliest in order to get back to sanity, normalcy and your senses. A number of activities in this world are considered to be addictive. Following are the top five addictive activities ever.


Whenever we talk about the term addiction, the word drugs automatically hits a lot of minds. Drugs are considered to be one of the most addictive activities. At the same time, this addiction could lead you towards a number of dangers. Loss of money, loss of sanity, a number of health issues, loss of emotional and mental health, and what not. Drugs have always been an addictive thing. Once you are into them, you are into them for life. Thankfully, a number of rehabilitation centers are working day and night to urge people to keep themselves off these drugs.


Just like the drugs, gambling is also considered as one of the most addictive activities that a number of people have stuck themselves in. Quick money is nothing but a hard thing to resist and this is the reason why a number of people opt for this shortcut and get addicted to gambling. The casinos are the biggest medium where you can gamble or bet your hearts out only to earn huge sums of money. This involves a very simple theory of quick money and zero efforts and may sound very tempting. But hey, this is one serious addiction. A number of people have been recorded to be addicted to gambling. They are constantly betting day and night on the games such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, fruit machines and many others. Some of them are investing huge money and multiplying them into a lot more while others are meeting a dead end. Once you are into the game of gambling, it is really hard to put yourself out of the same. Gambling comes with a good of entertainment and leisure, but at the same time it comes with a bad of a great addiction too where you can lose all your hard earned money on a single go. Thus, it is always advised to play it safe.


You decide to grab one drink and you end up chugging on six. This is what the addiction of alcohol is all about. It makes you high, it gives you all the good vibes, but it also ends up making you an addict and thus there is simply no way you can get out of the same. Youngsters and adults are often seen grabbing their favorite drinks in all kinds of parties, but do you know a majority of them grab these drinks not just for the sake of enjoyment but for the sake of their addiction? Well, now you know! Alcohol is one of the most addictive things that people have involved themselves into.


Taking a puff and getting indulged into it for life is what the addiction of smoking is all about. This world is full of a number of part-time as well as full-time smokers. This world is also full of the chain smokers who are known to be nothing but the addicts. As a results, these chain-smokers don’t shy away from smoking hundreds of cigarettes a day. Smoking becomes the part of their life and soon they end up giving up their lungs to cancer. Smoking is one bad habit and it should be given up at once.


Funny as it may sound, but surfing on the internet has also become one of the most addictive activities ever. The fact that you are reading this on the internet itself justifies the addiction and obsession of people with this new technology. Social media handles, YouTube, Google, Ecommerce and everything else has made the internet one of the most addictive activities ever. There is just no end. Are you addicted to any of these?


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